The Resonating Interval:
Exploring the Process of the Tetrad
By Anthony Hempell

The Global Village
Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century
By Marshall McLuhan and Bruce R. Powers
Oxford University Press, 1989.

Despite its title, The Global Village does not deal with the popular McLuhan concept of the tribalized yet "wired" global community directly. Instead, the book wrestles with the worldwide effects of video and video-related technology. The simultaneous duality of video, say McLuhan & Powers, is what defines our era: we can experience two places at once.

McLuhan believed this duality would lead mankind to embrace the lost hemisphere of acoustic space: where holistic, creative thought based on relationships and patterns was dominant (in contrast with the linearity of the left-brained visual space of rational/scientific thinking).

The book contains several themes, of which I will explore three that are particularly relevant to understanding the tetrad:

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